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Why choose BBS

#1 Large selection of books
BBS offers a wide range of books for children of all ages, making it easy for parents to find books that match their child's interests and reading level.
#2 Convenient borrowing
Borrowing books from other parents is simple and efficient. You can search for books, request to borrow, and arrange pick up and drop off all within the app.
#3 Wallet and Space friendly
Your children will have access to a lot more books without you having to spend money or finding space to store them.
#4 Environmentally friendly
By sharing books with other parents, you are reducing waste and helping to protect the environment.
#5 Reduce screen-time
Your children can replace screen time with their favorite books

Note from the Founder

I have two bookworms at home, and I often find myself passing on several bags of their books to our friends and family. That’s how the idea of Books Beyond Shelves was born! Why not make the sharing a bit more systematic and organized so that kids have access to thousands of more books beyond their shelves at home, at school or at public libraries.

Books Beyond Shelves (BBS) is a service, a platform, a club, a library - everything your kid needs to get lost in the magical world of books, borrowed and shared with their friends.

I hope you enjoy using BBS as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.

How it works


Browse through recommendations or look for specific titles or authors

Borrow & read

Choose and borrow 5 books you like from one shelf, and enjoy them for 3 weeks before other users can borrow the books


When the borrowing period is over, pass books to the next user